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Success through Hard Work
and Determination

Eric Shouldice is a self-made man. “I started at the
bottom,” he recalls. “I have gone from the very worst
job that there is at a stone quarry.” Today, as President
of Bruce Peninsula Stone Ltd., Mr. Shouldice owns the
quarry business where he started piling

Bruce Peninsula Stone Ltd.
Written by Claire Suttles

Mr. Shouldice owns two quarries, leases and operates two more quarry locations and operates a retail store. “I worked hard and someone noticed,” he explains of his early success. “That’s how it all started.” He worked his way up through the business the old fashioned way – through hard work and determination, eventually earning the opportunity to take over the reins.
During the long road to the top and since becoming President of Bruce Peninsula Stone Ltd., Eric Shouldice has grown the company to become a leading dolomitic limestone provider and fabricator. The success of the company, located on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula, has also been bolstered by the rising popularity of the eramosa marble found within its quarries. “This area is famous all around the world for eramosa marble,” Mr. Shouldice reports. “It is the big thing right now.”